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Peacock  Bass  Association
 Executive Director: Larry Larsen

What Others Say About Us

"Larry, just got through reading your latest newsletter and was very impressed with the amount of timely and precise information. As a Booking Agent and Lodge Owner, developing and maintaining a huge web site such as www.bassmex.com , and writing my own newsletters, I know how much time and effort one puts into such a release as the PBA Newsletter. My hat's off to you my friend for having one of the best newsletters in the industry. I quite honestly would like to say, "Without Larry Larsen, the PBA Website, your Newsletter and your expertise, well, we would all be in the dark when it comes to Peacock Bass Fishing as a whole!" My special thanks for all your hard work and for providing all of us who enjoy this sport, the most comprehensive and current information available. As an active member of the PBA, you have my devoted attention and my unrelenting support for this great endeavor. Congratulations for A Job Well Done."  - "Wild Bill" Skinner, Bassmex

"Hi Larry,     Well done with the PBA. Great information and good to be kept in touch with what you Yanks are up to behind our backs!! I read with interest in your last issue of PBA news the great fishing tip. One day hopefully, I'll find you in my boat. Best wishes," -  Steve Townson. 

"Hi Larry,      I can't tell you how happy I am to be a member of the great Peacock Bass Association! I just hope all the avid black bass fishermen do not get a taste of these peacock bass. It will ruin them like it did me. I now eat, sleep and breath peacocks! By the way, I have read all your books and have enjoyed them greatly." -  Mark Dyer

"Hi Larry,     Another great newsletter. Thank you for your help and advice." - W. Edward Lansche, M.D."Sportsmen,    I have just returned from the Rio Negro and am happy to report the fishing was outstanding but equally as important was my bumping into Larry Larsen, who was in Manaus checking out another operation. After conversation with Larry and learning of his organization, the Peacock Bass Association, I gained more insight into the Peacock Bass fishery than I ever knew existed. Had I been a member prior to my trip there is no telling how many fish I might have caught, and I am sure I could have left half of the gear I brought along back at the house. The PBA newsletter has a wealth of information that can save a traveler both money and time, and by far enhance his first or last trip into the Amazon for peacocks. As an international outfitter and guide for over 25 years, I assure you the information provided by Larry and the Peacock Bass Association is a real bargain. Keep up the good work Larry!" - Bill Fuchs, Wilderness Adventures

"Larry, I checked your PBA website. Congratulations! A site like that has been sorely needed for a long time. I am sure that the info will be extremely helpful to every angler who has his eyes set on peacock bass. I read your peacock newsletter also and liked it very much. It too will be a great help to all the anglers. Keep up the good job. And I have to think about how it was 20 years ago when I started fishing with von Sneiderns in Colombia, the only peacock bass operation in the world then. And now? Look at those in your Directory. Wow!" - Erik Benettsson, Uraima/Peacock Bay Lodge

"Hi Larry,     I received the information you sent me...and have enjoyed the newsletters. The information you put together should help me to plan where to go fish. Hope to see you sometime in Manaus. Until then, good fishing." - David Caldwell

"Larry,  Thanks for your great newsletters!" -  Ed Lutkus

"Larry,     I enjoyed my first newsletter and thought I would send you a picture for your Gallery of a 25 lb peacock that I got this past fall. I have spent the past 40 years fishing for all types of freshwater fish, and always felt that the smallmouth was at the top of the list of fighters until I met Mr. Peacock! I look forward to your future newsletters."   Nelson Burnell

"Dear Mr. Larsen,   I just wanted to compliment you on your web site and new Peacock Bass Association. I just became a member last week. I became hooked
on Peacock bass fishing a few years back and no other fish seems to measure up since! Thank you again for organizing the Peacock Bass Association! Sincerely," -  J. Peter Kim



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