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Peacock  Bass  Association
 Executive Director: Larry Larsen

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PBA is #1 in GoogleGet Listed and Target Your Audience! - Supporting Membership is available to Outfitters, Booking Agents and Industry Products & Services Companies. Our website visitors and individual members' interests are focused squarely on where to fish for Peacock Bass, what tackle to use, helpful services and angling travel for other exotic species. Through the online "World Peacock Bass Directory", available for all internet users to view, and the PBA monthly eZine, you can communicate directly with this highly-targeted demographic of individual anglers.

Larry with 24.5 pound peacockLast Minute Deals - Member Agents and Outfitters will be able to fill costly last-minute cancellations by offering those slots as last-minute deals to PBA individual members through our newsletter/eZine. Check with PBA for details.

Links Exchange Program - to assist Supporting Members in building traffic to their website - Supporting Members who add our decal/logo with a hard link to the PBA home page will also receive a hard-link from their PBA page to their website.Those just wanting to hard-link to their site may do so for a small fee.

World Peacock Bass Directory - Only Supporting Members can participate in the online World Peacock Bass Directory and promote their destinations, products and services to numerous first time and repeat visitors to our website. We are currently attracting about 10,000 individual visitors per month. The Directory, available on the web, consists of three sections and dues are based on participation in each part:

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Questions can be e-mailed through our Contact Us page.

Section 1. Destinations/Operations Online Directory

The Destinations/Operations Pages are comprehensive Full-Page information portfolios of each participating peacock bass fishing location including fixed and mobile operations available for booking. They are presented in a specific format by location.The portfolio includes: The Location Name (waters fished), the Camp, Lodge or Boat Name, the Fishing Season, Booking Contacts with address, phone, email and website information, Two color photos on the PBA website Directory, a 250-word description, number of Fishing Days, and the Trip Fee Range. Outfitters, booking agents and operations pay U.S.$330 annual dues per single location or operation for full promo page in our online Directory. Membership in this section includes Free Contact Listing in Section 3.

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 After Payment (Check Out), Return to Form Here to Submit Destination/Operation Information


Section 2. Products & Services Directory

The Products and Services Directory allows industry manufacturers and service companies, such as lure companies, rod manufacturers, taxidermists, peacock tournament organizations, etc., to participate in the World Peacock Bass Directory with a full promo page "advertorial". Industry companies pay U.S.$330 annual dues per full promo page in Directory. Product manufacturers and industry service providers may submit up to 250 words of copy with two photos or line art and your contact information. Membership in this section includes Free Contact Listing in Section 3.

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 After Payment (Check Out), Return to Form Here to Submit Products & Services Advertorial Information


Section 3. Contact Listing Page

The PBA online Contact Directory lists those industry companies that book peacock trips or sell tackle/services relative to fishing for the fish. The simple listing (by category) has only the following information: company name, address, phone and email. Companies in Section 1 and Section 2 receive a free listing in Section 3 and do not need to fill out this Information Form. Other outfitters, booking agents and industry manufacturers may become a Supporting Member (Contact Listing Only) by paying the small fee of U.S.$75 annual dues.

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 After Payment (Check Out), Return to Form Here to Submit Contact Listing Information


Pay By Check Only: Supporting members may also join or renew by paying with check or money order only. To do so, go to the appropriate Information Listing Submital Link above (Section 1, 2 or 3), fill out the form, print it and mail with your check to Larry Larsen, 2640 Elizabeth Place, Lakeland, FL 33812.


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Supporting Members in good standing may use this logo on their web pages and in brochures and flyers to show their affiliation with PBA and the principles for which it stands. See Terms & Conditions for details.

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