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Peacock  Bass  Association
 Executive Director: Larry Larsen

The World of Peacock Bass
September-October 2017
Official Newsletter/eZine of the Peacock Bass Association


© Larry Larsen, Executive Director

In This Issue:

        • Barcelos Population Rallies for Peacock Bass Protection
        • New Tackle for Peacocks From ICAST
        • Mobility and Longevity Vital to Jungle Success
        • The Impact of El Nino and La Nina on Weather  
        • Amazon Water Levels Prime in Southern Fishery
        • Last Minute Amazon Deal on Kalua Yacht
        • New 24-Volt Electric Trollers On El Salto
        • Changes in TSA Airport Screening Procedures
        • We Get Mail (Visa Updates for Brazilian Consulates, Day Rate Guide for the Uatuma River?)
        • Member Comment/Reprint Policies

Barcelos Population Rallies for Peacock Bass Protection Hundreds of people consisting of fishing guides, tour 1A Barcelos Marchoperators, sport fishing industry service personnel and others in the municipality and Amazonas State tourism industry turned out for a July 1 parade (march) carrying flags, posters and banners supporting a new proposed law which protects the speckled peacock bass (Cichla temensis) species from over-harvesting with a no-kill and no-commercial fishing policy. Local politicians submitted the bill which was voted on and approved in August 22 by the Barcelos Legislature, and it is expected to receive final approval by the Mayor of the County (township) in October and will become law throughout the entire county encompassing at least 10 tributaries and border line rivers including the Jufaris, Caures, Branco, Itu, Demeni, Araca, Jurubaxi, Arirarra, Padauiri, Atauí, Uneuixi and the Negro itself. Ian Sulocki, the newly elected President of ABOT 1B Barceloswhich is the Association of Boat Tour Operators in the Amazon and his membership strongly supported the measure (as did PBA and most of our outfitter/operation supporting members) while commercial fishermen who wanted to catch, net or spear as many peacock as possible to take and sell at the local and north Central Brazilian markets were obviously fighting the measure. "The people of Barcelos understand that the continued quality of the fishery is critically important to the future of the community," Ian said, "and about 75 percent of the workers in Barcelos united to march in favor of the law. This is one of the main sport fishing destinations in the world and the best means for continued tourism attraction and growth in the Amazon." In fact, the majority of families in the Barcelos municipality depend either directly or indirectly on the income generation of the sport fishing industry activity about 6 1C Barcelos Vendormonths of the year. Ian, who is one of the partners of the KaluaPesca operations, saw the urgent need for such a law during the last fishing season. "In the 2015-16 season, we had one of the best fishing season in the history thanks to a very strong El Nino," Ian explains. "but as of February 2016, the extreme drought caused problems and many fishing spots were inaccessible due to lack of water. This caused the death of many fish in those lakes that have dried up, including peacock bass. In the 2016/17 season, the waters of the Negro River were not suitable for fishing, as La Nina came in force, and dried rivers filled from one week to another, disrupting much the performance of the sports fishermen who had to deal with the influences of this phenomenon. Fortunately, the stocks of peacock bass will certainly be at an excellent level for the 2017/18 season when neither El Nino nor La Nina are being forecast." With the new local law, no one in the county of Barcelos will be able to sell the speckled peacock (C. temensis) in the local market, according to Ian. "We are doing the same in the State of Amazonas to put all the peacock bass species under protection - No commercial fishing – and that law should be voted on during the next few months," he adds. "The county and state are huge and surveillance is a problem, but the people want to 1AmazonGovernoLogoput a surveillance post floating in the mouth of the Branco river to prevent commercial fishing boats access. To pay for that surveillance and have the proper boats and agents, each angler (or their outfitter) will pay a small fee. The locals will still be able to eat butterfly peacocks (C . orinocensis). The new Barcelos mayor will control the operators and number of boats and keep the number of catches under control to compile statistics of the catches. With final approval of the law, we should see very nice results within 2 seasons!" For further information on this new (proposed) law, contact Ian Sulocki at email ian@kaluapesca.com.br .

New Tackle for Peacocks From ICAST  – For those who may want to check out a new lure, rod or reel for their trip this season, we canvassed the world's largest sportfishing trade show, the International Convention of Allied Sport fishing Trades, (ICAST) held July 12 - 14 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. More than 15,000 members from the global sportfishing industry, including nearly 1,000 media outlets, were in Orlando to see the 2A Titania Air Rodlatest innovations in tackle, gear, accessories and apparel. This year, there were lots of new tackle products and accessories scheduled for the 2018 market. Here are some that stood out to me:   CastAway Rods (www .castawayrods.com) introduced a new flagship model, the Titania Air. At 2.8 ounces, it is one of the lightest rods in the world. The Titania series features an ultra-high-density graphite blank with 2BRapala Pliers8layered micro nanotubes and a CFX carbon weave handle that enhance strength and durability with a price tag just south of $400. The one-piece, 7-foot Medium Heavy Action model (TI-7MH) and/or the 6 ½-foot Heavy Action Worm model (TI-WRH) should be ideal for peacock chasers. There are 13 baitcasting models and 3 spinning. Rapala's (www.rapala.com) new 8-inch Mag Spring Pliers should be in every angler's tackle box. The stainless steel pliers have an off-set design that is perfect for hook removal. It has a magnetic spring to hold the jaws open for one-hand operation and comfort grip handles. Other features are a built-in line cutter, serrated jaws and a high compression sheath. There were some interesting lures that might be very effective on 2C ICASTnewProd peacock bass. Rapala's (www.rapala.com) new Saltwater X-Rap Twitchin' Minnow has an aggressive side-to-side movement designed to perform a tight walk-the-dog swimming action. The 4 ¾-inch long model SXRT-12 model with Xtreme flash with X-Rap attitude triggers the attack instinct in fish. Its slow sinking allows a glide and drop technique that should trigger "teener" peacocks! Storm Lures (www.stormlures.com) introduced a great looking jig called the 360 degree Searchbait. The 5 ½ inch long SBM55VT-38J looks deadly but it may not last long. The tails are soft plastic. The wide gap hook is substantial so you shouldn't lose any big ones with this lure! Bomber Lures (www.bomberlures.com) recently brought out their Jointed Wake Minnow, a ¾ ounce, 5 3/8 inch long high-strength polycarbonate plug built to stand up to toothy predators and peacock. I definitely suggest that you change out the hooks on the JW Minnow to stronger 4X or better yet, the D98Q 7X Wide-Gap Bleeding Bait Daiichi Peacock Bass trebles (www.ttiblakemore.com) that I've recommended for years if after "teeners" or larger monster peacock bass!

OtterRonJrMobility and Longevity Vital to Jungle Success – The key to success in the Amazon according to Ron Speed Jr. of RS Adventures, is the experience of guides and staff and the mobility of the mothership operation. "A big part of our houseboat, the Amazon Otter, is the staff and guides," Ron says. "The fishing guides are the key to fishing success, and no other operation has more experienced guides than Alberto, Harold, Joe and Speed2Amaral who have been with us from the beginning, for 25 years! Evangir (G) has over 18 years of guiding experience and Gator has 16 years of guiding experience. Cley is the Amazon Otter manager and has been with us for the past 3 years after years of managing various fishing and nature tour operations in the Amazon, and Franz, who was my manager on a different houseboat (Amazon Angler) for many years, is now co-managing trips as well. These managers do not believe in having the Otter sit in one location all week, so they are ready to pull up stakes and move at the first sign of bad water conditions or poor fishing." The managers will move the Otter all night and all day if necessary, according to the outfitter! For more information, contact Ron Jr. or Bill at bill@ronspeedadventures.com or visit their website at www.ronspeedadventures.com or call 1-800-722-0006.

The Impact of El Nino and La Nina on Weather - To keep up with weather forecasts in the Amazon, outfitter and long-time PBA Supporting Member Acute Angling closely follows NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) reports, according to co-owner Paul Reiss. "Knowing what to expect helps a knowledgeable, mobile Amazon fishing operation like us deal with ENSO effects in our fisheries and on our macro-scale movement plans," says Paul who also has advanced degrees in fisheries and Amazon studies. "NOAA projects ENSO conditions to be neutral through 2017 and into 2018, essentially the Amazon's entire fishing season." The ENSO phenomenon has three states: 

4ElNino ENSO1. El Nino: Periodic warming of the ocean surface temperatures to above average in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean (ENSO region). Low-level "easterly winds" weaken or start blowing in the other direction. This phase typically means reduced rainfall in the Amazon and lower dry season water levels.

2. La Nina: A cooling of the ocean surface in the region. Normal easterly winds along the equator become even stronger. This means increased rainfall in the Amazon and higher water levels.

3. Neutral: Neither El Nino or La Nina. Tropical Pacific surface temperatures are close to average. This typically means normal rainfall in the Amazon and more predictable water levels."

"El Nino develops about every 2 to 6 years and usually lasts one year, sometimes two," Paul explains. "A classic El Nino event will intensify during the northern fall, peak in the winter (encompassing the primary Amazon fishing season) and then decrease in the spring. La Nina events behave the same way. When you look across many years, you'll find El Nino in place about 25% of the time, La Nina about 25% and "neutral" conditions the other 50% of the time." For more information, contact Paul or Garry Reiss at Acute Angling at 1-866-832-2987 or email preiss@AcuteAngling.com.

Amazon Water Levels Prime in Southern Fishery – According to reports from River Plate Angling, the optimal waters levels in early August were in the Marmelos area of the Madeira River watershed, sometimes called the SeptMoon"southern Amazon fishery". It is the driest region in the Amazon Basin, which is normal for this time of year. Water levels have dropped each recent week and are almost perfect according to those coming back from their trips. Fishing reports from that area are also very productive so far. The weather forecast for the southern fishery is excellent and fishing conditions for peacocks are expected to continue improving. The upcoming water level forecast for the "northern Amazon fishery" is also very good and forecasts for it having a normal water cycle with almost no impact from El Nino or La Nina are promising. For a weather forecast from the Brazilian CPTEC, visit http://clima1.cptec.inpe.br/ .  For more information, please call J.W. or Dawn Smith at 800-211-4753 or email dsmith@rodgunresources.com.

FrankCarbone24.5.Last Minute Amazon Deal on Kalua Yacht – Due to a small group cancelation, anglers can save a whopping $1,500 on an Amazon trip aboard the 95-foot Kalua, according to outfitter/agent Frank Carbone. "I'm hosting the trip on November 10-19, 2017 and the price is less than $3,500," says the long-time PBA Supporting Member. "There are several spots left on this luxury yacht, but it is scheduled during prime time so they may not be available long." Frank mentioned that Ian Sulocki, the Brazilian operator also has a few openings for their smaller Demeni Sportfishing yacht in mid-November and 2 spots on (Frank's) La Zona KaluaYacht1(Argentina) golden dorado trip in late October and early November. View Frank's trip video on the Demeni yacht at www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGn8oxSfUT4 . For more information including full details, contact Frank at Fishing for Peacock Bass, phone 1-844-4-PEACOCK or email info@fishingforpeacockbass.com.

Minn-Kota-edgeNew 24-Volt Electric Trollers On El Salto – There are new powerful thrust, 24-volt Minn Kota trolling motors going on all of Ron Speed Jr. Adventures' 18-foot Xpress Boats at El Salto this upcoming season, according to Ron Jr. "Clients that have fished with us recently at Lakes Comedero and Picachos will be familiar with the powerful Minn Kota trollers we have on those boats, he says. "We continue to upgrade in all areas where needed and this upgrade was much needed. I am sure it will be welcomed by all of our valuable El Salto customers!" For more information, contact Ron Jr. or Bill at bill@ronspeedadventures.com or visit their website at www.ronspeedadventures.com.

Changes in TSA Airport Screening Procedures- All U.S. airports will soon require all passengers to place any TSAlogoelectronics larger than a cell phone in separate bins for x-ray screening. This enhanced security measure is in response to the possibility that terrorists may be able to hide explosives in electronic devices. As TSA raises their security measures, you can ensure that you are traveling as safely as possible by using our preferred visa/passport expeditor's (CIBT) Embassy Registration service. Their ER service provides travelers with important information about safety conditions in the country they are visiting and can help them make informed decisions about their travel plans. This service also allows the local U.S. Embassy to contact you should any unexpected event occur during your trip. For more information, visit CIBT here.

We Get Mail

Here are some of the emails and news releases we have received with topics that might be of interest to all members. I always encourage PBA Members to email brief comments or news to us.

CibtlogoVisa Updates for Brazilian Consulates - The Consulate of Brazil in Atlanta has updated their submission days to Mondays and Wednesdays, according to CIBT, PBA's preferred Passport/Visa expeditor. "Travelers should keep this in mind when submitting their visa applications as processing time will officially begin on one of these two days," their representative states. In Houston, the Consulate of Brazil is currently only accepting visa applications on Tuesdays, so those in that jurisdiction having any pressing visa or passport needs should plan accordingly. To find out more or to secure your Brazilian visa, click here. (Logo)

JohnBoatPeacockFshgDay Rate Guide for the Uatuma River? – "Hi there, I'm headed to Manaus Brazil in a couple of weeks, and was wondering if you know of anyone in the area who offers 1 to 2 days Peacock Bass fishing on the Uatuma River?"  Thanks, Mark W.

 "Sorry, but I don't know of any day-rate guides in the Uatuma River region. All of the experienced guides in the Amazon are contracted to the numerous motherships, yachts, houseboats, mobile bungalow camps, etc. that cater to traveling anglers that want to spend a minimum of 5 days on the water and who want to book an all-inclusive fishing package. Some fall months are possibly too early for productive peacock bass fishing on the Uatuma anyway. Good luck in finding someone." - Larry


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