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Peacock  Bass  Association
 Executive Director: Larry Larsen

The World of Peacock Bass
November-December 2017
Official Newsletter/eZine of the Peacock Bass Association


© Larry Larsen, Executive Director

In This Issue:

        • Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays From PBA
        • No PBA Dues to Pay This Month or Next!
        • Stocking Stuffers for Peacock Lovers
        • Woman Chases IGFA World Records
        • New Colombia Outfitter Offers Floating Camps
        • International Outfitter Continues Amazon Exploratory Trips
        • Two Contest Opportunities for Peacock Anglers
        • Multi-Species Project in Brazil Indian Territory
        • New Florida State Record Jaguar Guapote
        • Micro-Dry Fishing Shirts Available
        • Brazil Tourism Up in 2016
        • We Get Mail (Consular Updates for Brazil, New Security Procedures for U.S. Bound Flights)
        • Member Comment/Reprint Policies

ChristmasMerry Christmas/Happy Holidays from PBA! In this joint November/December Issue, I want to wish all of our members, Individual and Supporting, a very happy Thanksgiving and the merriest Christmas and prosperous New Year. May 2018 bring you all good health, prosperity and a monster peacock bass. Stocking Stuffers for Peacock Lovers: For those wanting to give some great gift items to their friends, clients or loved ones, we invite you to visit PBA's online store at http://www .peacockbassassociation.com/html/peacock_bass_books_products.html. You'll find books, Limited Edition Prints, extra decals, patches, & more. Other great sources for some items to enhance your Christmas stocking are right there in our online "World Peacock Bass Directory" under "Products and Services". Check out our PBA Supporting Members Directory Pages and Contact Listings, and visit PF4BookCvrtheir websites. Many have Christmas Special Sales on books, tackle, DVDs, clothing, replicas and other related peacock bass stuff. Please support those companies that are supporting your PBA organization. Our PBA Contact List of great "Products" includes the following: Lure Parts Online, Monster Peacock Bass Lures, Orinoco Flies, QuesTackle, Tackle-Box.net, The Fly Shop and TTI- Blakemore Group-Daiichi Hooks. For the best in "Services", contact Global Rescue Medical Evac Services and Martin Travel Services. While it might take more than a couple of weeks to receive a beautiful peacock bass replica, you can get the process underway at the world's best taxidermy services at Artistic Wildlife Gallery (fishcreations.com). Just contact them and send a photo and some length and weight details of your catch to get started. Or, spring for one of the great trips with one of PBA's great outfitters, operations and booking agents! Reward yourself, your spouse or both of you with a great 2018 trip this winter or fall. You'll be glad you did!

1ALarryLarsen24#No PBA Dues to Pay This Month or Next! -  Most all of our members (Individual & Supporting) pay their annual membership dues in December, but I have decided to give our membership a reprieve from paying dues in the next two months. This year there will be a "delay" in renewal invoices being sent out and when (or if) they go out PBAlogo02will depend on me finding a solution to a problem. Over the past few months, I have been seeking a person to take over the reins (duties and ownership) of PBA. I founded this association in 2001, so we have had 17 great years of fun with many individuals and Supporting Member companies that have become family. As I have aged, I've enjoyed every minute of PBA activity. I'll be 73 in 6 months and want to reduce my workload a little, so I'm looking for a solution that might allow PBA to continue in the hands of someone with new energy and strong interests. I am open to suggestions on ways to pass this onward so that our loyal membership and good friends still would have our eZines, website and other info available. At this point I am not sure if I will find a way, but I plan on continuing the eZine over the next few months as normal so that I can allow more time for suggestions from anyone having an idea for an easy transition. If I do simply close PBA down, the 2018 dues won't be collected. If I find an investor/owner, then the membership invoices would probably be mailed sometime after the first of January 2018. If you or anyone you know might have an interest in PBA or a 'creative' solution to my "problem", please call me at 863-644-3381 or email me at Larry@LarsenOutdoors.com. Leave a message if I don't answer and I'll get back to you asap. I'll listen even if your ideas sound a little crazy!

Martin sorubim Martin redtailWoman Chases IGFA World Records – A member of Acute Angling's fishing family is focused on world records, according to outfitter Paul Reiss. "Vicki Martin has been fishing most of her life with her father, husband and sons on family fun trips," Paul explains. "Although her husband has taken several peacock bass fishing trips, Vicki had never fished in Brazil before January of 2017. But, she's been busy fishing and catching world records in many other places." In the last two years she has set 35 IGFA World Records with ten different species and has an additional 9 pending IGFA records, according to Paul. "Of her 35 confirmed records, 8 were in 2 and 4 lb. line classes," he points out. "These light lines require extreme patience and, as you might imagine, Amazon fishing conditions are not very conducive to this level of finesse. Her first few days of fishing in the Amazon in January were a challenge, but Vicki found solutions. Eventually the redtail catfish and Sorubim (both pictured) were caught, weighed, measured and photographed to obtain new IGFA line class records. She is now the only woman to hold a redtail World Record. She is going back to the Picapau Lodge on the Rio Travessao to try for additional exotic species records this month, according to Paul. Then, immediately afterward she will be on the Blackwater Explorer yacht for a week of speckled peacock bass fishing in her quest for records. For more information, contact Paul Reiss at Acute Angling at 866-832-2987.

3A-ColombiaAlex1New Colombia Outfitter Offers Floating Camps - Orinoco Angling is now offering Peacock Bass Trips with floating cabins on the Tomo River, according to owner and PBA supporting Member Alex Zapata. The pristine blackwater river is located in the "llanos orientales" (eastern plains) of Colombia's Orinoco River Basin and flows through an extensive system of grasslands and seasonally-flooded plains. The Tomo is a very picturesque river system with many bends, deep lagoons, oxbows, shallows, and beautiful white sand beaches where anglers will find 4 different species of peacock bass (called "pavon" in Colombia), arawana, saber-tooth payara, and many other species. "I have 4 spots 3B-ColombiaAlex2available on our March 3, 2018 trip and another one possibly in January," says Alex. "Everything else from January through March is booked. Our package is 9 nights, including 6 full days of fishing and is just $4,000 plus international airfare. Guests will have 2 hotel nights in Medellin and 7 nights in our floating camp that moves with the anglers along the Tomo River." The Orinoco Angling-Afloat camp consists of 5 floating cabins, each of which is fully equipped with a bathroom suite, 2 single beds, mosquito netting, fan and electricity. "Our 14-foot aluminum fishing boats include the fishing guide, first aid kit, 2 fishing chairs, coolers and a Yamaha 15 hp outboard," he adds. "Logistics from the hotel in Medellin include a charter flight to La Primavera airport and a ride in the Afloat 4x4 pickup trucks to the Tomo River." For full details on this new offering, contact Alex Zapata at Orinoco Angling at e-mail: orinocoangling@yahoo.com or phone (786) 317-4733.

International Outfitter Continues Amazon Exploratory Trips – In 2016, Ron Speed Jr. Adventures resumed their exploratory trips after years of not conducting any, according to the outfitter and longtime PBA Supporting OtterRonJrMember. "I plan to explore one or more different waters each year in the future," says Ron Jr. "These exploratory trips may or may not be on waters we have fished before in our 25 years in the Amazon. Some rivers/tributaries that were not good 10 years ago or 15 years ago, may have become very good for fishing recently." On the flip side, Ron Jr. admits that some tributaries that were good 10 or 15 years ago, may not be good now due to reasons such as heavy pressure from sportfishing operations and commercial fishing operations. "I do not completely write off a tributary that I have fished without a thorough checkout," he reveals. "For example, last year I fished an Amazon tributary that I haven't fished since September of 2000. The water was extremely high 17 years ago when I had last fished it and there wasn't a good opportunity to check out the fishing there. It took me a 4BPicwhile but I went back to it last year, and saw enough there to warrant another checkout trip this year." Ron Speed Jr notes that these hosted exploratory trips are usually among the most fun trips he has ever experienced. "Since we have not proven the fishing results recently and there are a lot of unknowns, we are very selective in who we allow on these trips," he explains. "I've already started a future Exploratory Trip List and if someone is interested in making one of them, they should call me at 800-722-0006 to be added to the list. While many of our customers are happy with the current areas we are fishing, we do not want to be complacent and place all of our eggs in one basket." For more information, contact Ron Jr. or Bill at bill@ronspeedadventures.com or visit their website at www.ronspeedadventures.com.

5B-IGFA Fishing ContestTwo Contest Opportunities for Peacock Anglers – The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) is having their annual fishing contest and there are 74 eligible species; two of them though are prime opportunities for our enthusiasts, the Orinoco peacock (butterfly) and the speckled peacock (3-bar). Here's the rules and species to check out: https://igfa.org/contests/Fishing/Species.aspx . Although IGFA rules prohibit the weighing of fish on boats, many of the species selected for the contest can be caught, properly documented and safely released at or near the site of capture. IGFA encourages anglers to do their utmost to release fish in the best possible condition to ensure the highest probability of their survival. As our members know, PBA endorses that thought.

Multi-Species Project in Brazil Indian Territory – The Kendjam Lodge fishing operation offers the most prolific multi-variety species fly fishery in Amazon, according to outfitter Rodrigo Salles, VP & Sales Director at Untamed Angling. "It is located near the headwaters of the Irirí river in one of the most hidden areas of the 6-KendjamAnglUnlimtdBrazilian Amazon: the Mekragnoti Indigenous Territory," he says. "You can catch peacock bass, wolfish, pacu, matrincha, payara, bicuda and a bunch of other species right in the middle of most preserved Kayapo Indian land (15 Kayapo families live in Kendjam). The reason for the amazing biodiversity of fish species at Kendjam is the combination of an incredible source of food from the forest and the minerals of river, creating tremendous zooplankton growth. The Iriri waters, a tributary of the mystic Rio Xingu, are clear even after rains due to the granite base, making for great sight fishing." The river downstream from the Kendjam community divides into many parallel branches creating several small, fast-water streams. "With the geologic structure helping to increase the currents, wet wading is an ideal technique for those clear waters," Rodrigo continues. "After some kilometers, the channels join back together. This situation is very common in the Iriri River and anglers can target various species using different angling techniques in the runs and pools." This option is for those that want to find great action in the early season from mid-June through mid-September. For more information, contact Rodrigo Salles at rodrigo@uangling.com or visit their operation-specific website at www.kendjamlodge.com.

7-Jaguar GuapoteNew Florida State Record Jaguar Guapote - Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) fisheries biologists certified a new state record jaguar guapote, weighing 2.78 pounds and measuring 16.7 inches long, caught by 14-year-old angler Jerry Martin from Miami. Martin, who enjoys fishing for peacock bass and largemouth, caught his record in the Snapper Creek Canal (C-2) with live bait. Jaguar guapote are primarily known to exist in the urban canal systems of southeast Florida, ranging as far north as West Palm Beach. The species was first reported in 1992 and was made eligible for state record status in 2012. This is the first confirmed record for this species, which is one of 34 nonnative freshwater fish species that have become established in Florida. The FWC strongly encourages anglers to catch, keep and eat nonnative fish (except legally-introduced peacock bass and triploid grass carp), as many nonnative fishes provide excellent table fare. In addition, releasing fish from aquariums or moving them between water systems is illegal and could produce detrimental effects. To properly certify a new Florida state record, an FWC biologist must identify the fish species and witness its weighing on a certified scale. Anglers can check the current state records at BigCatchFlorida.com by clicking on "State Record," and should notify the nearest FWC regional office if they believe they have caught a record fish. Contact information for FWC regional offices can be found at MyFWC.com/Contact by clicking on "Contact Regional Offices."

Micro-Dry Fishing Shirts Available - Day-long comfort to Acute Angling's fishing guides in the Amazon's sultry environment is critical to their effectiveness, according to co-owner Paul Reiss. "For several years now, we've been image001outfitting them with high-tech micro-dry fabric fishing shirts," he explains. "They work extremely well and now our anglers can also enjoy this level of comfort and get a trip-specific souvenir at the same time." In past seasons, Acute Angling offered client only various cotton T-shirts at their destinations. "We will be offering the same high-tech gear our guides wear to anglers visiting each of our destinations this fall," the outfitter explains. Micro-dry fabric is made from synthetic fibers finer than the diameter of a strand of silk. Microfiber materials include a blend of polyesters, nylon, Kevlar, Nomex, and are occasionally mixed with fibers such as bamboo. The shape, size, and combinations of fibers in our micro-dry shirts have been selected for comfort and wear characteristics including softness, durability and the ability to absorb and wick away moisture. There are separate designs for the 3 different trips Acute Angling offers: Blackwater Explorer, floating bungalow camp and Multi-Species Picapau Lodge. For more information, contact Paul or Garry Reiss at Acute Angling at 1-866-832-2987 or email preiss@AcuteAngling.com.

JulBrazil VisaBrazil Tourism Up in 2016 – Thanks somewhat to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, the country of Brazil welcomed 6.8 million international visitors last year. That's a lot of people but traffic in the Amazon still hasn't been overly impacted thankfully. To put that number in perspective, Orlando alone had 68 million visitors in 2016 and their officials estimate than 10 percent or 6.8 million of the visitors were international. My trips in and out of that city have confirmed that traffic on Interstate 4 is surely impacted by the number of visitors. I worked in Orlando in 1968 and 1969 (before Walt Disney World) and everything has changed a lot. Fortunately, the Amazon area is much more expansive and most of it is still logistically difficult to reach. - Larry


We Get Mail

Here are some of the emails and news releases we have received with topics that might be of interest to all members. I always encourage PBA Members to email brief comments or news to us.

CibtlogoConsular Updates for Brazil - Effective immediately, the Consulate of Brazil in New York requires an original, notarized power of attorney authorization letter for all submissions. For more information, contact CIBT.

TAMAirbus2New Security Procedures for U.S. Bound Flights - Enhanced security procedures went into effect in late October 2017 for all commercial flights to the U.S. The new procedures include greater passenger screening, advanced technology and canine inspection, security protocols around aircraft and passenger areas, and heightened scrutiny of personal electronic devices. Passengers must now remove all electronic devices larger than a mobile phone from carry-on bags and place them in a separate bin with nothing else above or below the items. Travelers are encouraged to arrive at airports early and allot time for the enhanced security procedures.


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