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Peacock  Bass  Association
 Executive Director: Larry Larsen

The World of Peacock Bass
March-April 2018
Official Newsletter/eZine of the Peacock Bass Association


© Larry Larsen, Executive Director

In This Issue:    

        • New IGFA Record Fish in Latin America!
        • Exciting Amazon Fishing Programs Hit the Airwaves
        • Temple Fork Offers New "Big Fish" Rods
        • Early Season Southern Fishery Peacock Hotspot
        • Outfitter Offers Back-to-Back Double-Up Specials
        • We Get Mail (South Florida Peacock Bass Suggestions, Brazil Consular Updates)
        • Member Comment/Reprint Policies

#1A Vazzoleri PeacockNew IGFA Record Fish in Latin America – The pending IGFA All-Tackle world record for speckled peacock (Cichla temensis) caught by angler Marcel Griot is still in its approval stage with IGFA. The 30-pound, 13-ounce fish caught in late November last year has another couple of weeks to finish the approval process, according to Jack Vitek, World Record Coordinator at IGFA. However, a couple of other pending world records are also notable. Brazilian angler Mariozan Gomes Do Nascimento possibly set the new All-Tackle world record for vazzoleri peacock (Cichla vazzoleri) with a beautiful 17-pound fish that he caught and released on #1B IGFA DoradoJan18September 26, 2017 while fishing the Rio Paratucu in Brazil. This pending record peacock hit a topwater plug that Nascimento was casting and put up a tough five-minute fight. If approved, the catch will replace the existing world record of 13 pounds. Also, while fishing out of Argentina's famed Pira Lodge on January 14, 2018, IGFA Representative Meredith McCord potentially set the new women's 12 -pound tippet class world record for dorado (Salminus brasiliensis) with an 8-pound, 5-ounce fish. McCord needed only a few minutes to subdue the fish. Once landed, the fish was properly weighed, documented, and released alive. The current IGFA world record is vacant.

#2A TV shows DVD labelExciting Amazon Fishing Programs Hit the Airwaves – Several TV shows have focused on outfitter Acute Angling, according to co-owner Paul Reiss. "Our ability to deliver highly productive Amazon fishing trips has attracted the attention of numerous professional anglers and showmen who search the world for unique experiences ," he says. "They have discovered that the Amazon and its 3000-plus aquatic species is ground zero for adventure. No other fishing destination can produce such exciting footage and generate such interesting shows." Paul notes that "Stoked on Fishing" star Shea McIntee has filmed and aired 6 episodes fishing for peacock bass on the Blackwater Explorer plus several episodes pursuing the river monsters at their Rio Travessao multi -species lodge. And, they are soon returning to the Blackwater Explorer. "Fishing personalities Leo Stakos and Ron James appearing on the World Fishing Network and other networks have filmed several "Fish TV" shows on the Blackwater Explorer" Paul a_Acute_Floatplane_Bung1continues. "They are currently planning their next Amazon expedition with us. Cyril Chauqet, the multi-lingual host of "Fishing Adventurer" produces adventure-focused programs aired on the Discovery Channel. His latest show, Chasing Monsters, is premiering this upcoming season with two shows recently filmed with Acute Angling. We've guided Cyril for peacock bass on the Blackwater Explorer, payara, giant catfish and more at our Rio Travessao Lodge and even arapaima in a lowlands reserve." Acute Angling has also hosted productions by other TV/video personalities including; Randall Boyd; the late Jose Wejebe; Steve Townson; and Larry Dahlberg. According to Paul, many of those episodes are available on YouTube or on Acute Angling's free DVD which is available to PBA members upon request. Just contact Acute Angling at 1-866-832-2987 or email webmaster@AcuteAngling.com.

Temple Fork Offers New "Big Fish" Rods – Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO) has made great rods for many years, and I've used some of their 3-piece travel casting rods in the Amazon primarily for casting all lures - except the giant Woodchopper type plugs. For #3A TFD Big Fish -Dahlbergjigs, minnowbaits, spoons, soft swimbaits, etc., you can't beat these rods. So, I highly recommend the TFG TRC 706-3 which is a 7-foot, heavy-action 3-piece that will fit in some of our larger luggage bags. Recently, I had the opportunity to try out TFO's new TFD Big Fish rod series (locally), and I believe that several have a place in the Amazon for peacock bass chasers. Their new BFC 701-1 is a one-piece Mag 1 (power) heavy action 7-foot rod that is ideal for throwing all large baits including the topwater tail spinner plugs . Their BFC 761-2 is a two-piece, 7-foot 6-inch long Mag 1 (power) heavy action rod that would be a great choice specifically for throwing all giant topwaters. To me, the BFC 762-2, a two-piece, 7-foot 6-inch long Mag 2 (power) extra heavy action rod is perfect for trolling big lures off the back of the boat when we are employing that technique for covering vast waters and/or cooling down a little in the Equatorial heat. I have to say that I love their ergonomic ComforTrigger reel seat grips! Nine other Big Fish casting rods are between 8-foot and 9-foot, 6-inches long and sport even heavier actions and are ideal for some of the large to huge catfish and giant piraracu. #3B LDahlbergLarry Dalhberg, who has traveled the world chasing big fish and filming his adventures, designed the actions for heavy lures and lines and long casts to big fish. Jim Shulin of TFO asked Larry Dalhberg to share with us some of his thoughts relative to his designs. Here are a couple of key points:

1.  Jim Shulin : "In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of a rod and which ones would you use to chase peacock bass?" Larry Dalhberg: "Back a million years ago, I used the short stuff like lots of South Americans do today but I have found the 7 & 7 1/2 foot Big Fish rods will out-perform the short sticks in every category; from much better casting distance when working the middle of a giant lagoon, to making a lure really come alive. The 7 & 7 foot 1 power and the 7 foot 2 power rods are ideal for peacocks. Every other two-piece rod in this category loads too slowly to make the lures move the way needed to consistently trigger big peacock bass."

2.  Jim Shulin: "Why do you like a 70/30 split on the two-piece rods and what inspired your grip?" Larry Dalhberg: "Two reasons; you get a much truer progressive taper with a longer tip than butt section and the larger diameter ferrules are stronger. The 7 foot rod models for example, have a butt section that is 35 inches in length and the tip top section is 59 inches long. Regarding the grip, I designed the ergonomic ComforTrigger so that pressure is distributed from a softer surface over several fingers, rather than the single-focused point of a traditional hard trigger grip, which can cause painful bruising and build up on the finger bone at the point of contact." 

For complete information on the new rod series, contact Jim Shulin, Temple Fork Outfitters at phone 800-638-9052 or visit their website at www.tforods.com.

#5 FishEarly Season Southern Fishery Peacock Hotspot – Rod & Gun Resources will be offering the exclusive Upper Marmelos River in the Amazon's "Southern Fishery" during July and August this summer, according to co-owner J.W. Smith. "About 18 months ago, having completed negotiations with the Indian tribes for exclusive fishing rights to the Marmelos River south of Manaus, my wife Dawn and I fished it in August," he says. "It hadn't been fished in four years at the time. Dawn landed three 13-pound peacock during the last two hours of the exploratory and had several others break her 40-pound leader/tippet. Our group of five fly fishermen and three bait casters landed 1720 peacock bass up to 21 pounds, and more than 50 fish exceeded 10 pounds." The group explored approximately 120 river miles for peacock bass and other species and the fly fishing anglers only sight-casted to big peacock bass on sand flats off the many beaches. "The Marmelos is famous for good numbers of double -digit fish, water clarity and sight casting (particularly the headwaters), beautiful white beaches, and rock outcrops and structure," says J.W. "Our 2017 season was fantastic, so our 2018 weeks on the Marmelos River in July and August are filling up fast." For more information, contact J.W. or Dawn Smith of Rod & Gun Resources at dsmith@rodgunresources.com or by calling 800-211-4753.

Outfitter Offers Back-to-Back Double-Up Specials – You can now book two different fishing trips, back-to-back and buy just one AAJenny payaraairline ticket and save $1,000 on the trip package also, according to Paul Reiss, co-owner of Acute Angling. "Our 2018, 2019 and 2020 calendars are in place and have been prepared with more built-in flexibility than we've ever had before," he says. "Our recent operational restructuring has allowed us to independently schedule each of our trips in such a way that it is simple, easy and cost-effective for you to enjoy two of our different fishing adventures on a single airfare to Brazil. We've simply staggered all of our transfer days (the days the floatplane or charter flies) to enable you to piggy-back among any of the trips that are available at the time you've selected to travel." Such options are unusual in Brazil, but with each trip flying on different days, Acute has made it possible to go right from one to the other while minimizing downtime between trips. "When clients book two trips back-to-back, we'll take $1000 off the total trip package, and, on top of that, we'll cover their hotel stay at our new Bristol Hotel home base in Manaus," Paul explains. For a detailed chart outlined Transfer (Charter Flight) Days and weeks available, contact Paul or Garry Reiss at Acute Angling at 1-866-832-2987 or email preiss@AcuteAngling.com.

We Get Mail

Here are some of the emails and news releases we have received with topics that might be of interest to all members. I always encourage PBA Members to email brief comments or news to us.

South Florida Peacock Bass Suggestions – "Hi Larry, My wife, son, and I are looking at coming down to Florida from South Dakota to attempt to catch some peacock bass. We are avid fisherman and have fished largemouth bass and smallmouth bass in numerous FrankCarbonestates. We are trying to decide if we should bring our kayaks and fishing gear down and just try to catch the peacock bass on or own, or just hire a guide and pay him to bring us around and catch some fish. We do not mind working for it and would like dedicate 2 to 3 days trying to catch some peacock bass on our own. What would you suggest, since I do not live down that way, not sure how easy it is to access this area, and how safe the access points are to leave trucks all day while fishing. Thanks for any info you can provide." – Mike B.

Hi Mike, I highly recommend a guide for several reasons. The 1,000 miles of canals that have peacocks in Dade and Broward counties are through neighborhoods, some of which are dangerous. So bank fishing is near impossible except at the Airport Lakes, I believe. There are a few ramps but some may be dangerous to leave vehicle. When I went out with a FL Fish & Game biologist in their commission boat, they wouldn't leave their vehicle and trailer at the ramp where we launched. We were right beside (50-foot off) a divided 6-lane highway where previously they had several break-ins, tires stolen off their well-marked vehicles and even had some of their trailers dumped in the canal right off the ramp. And all of that in the middle of the day! A guide will know where to take you that is safe and provide the best experience in this urban fishery. One I could recommend is long-time PBA member Frank Carbone at 954-325-1115 or email: cobby12345@aol.com . You could check with him about safe public places for you to do a follow-up day by yourself. You could also check with some of the tackle shops in that area about safe, productive places to fish. Good luck." – Larry

CibtlogoBrazil Consular Updates – The Consulate of Brazil in Atlanta has changed processing times for all visas to 15 business days. For more information, contact CIBT

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