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Peacock  Bass  Association
 Executive Director: Larry Larsen

The World of Peacock Bass
March-April 2017
Official Newsletter/eZine of the Peacock Bass Association


© Larry Larsen, Executive Director

In This Issue:

        • Lessons Learned on The Rio Marie
        • Last Minute Deal to Colombian Amazon
        • Boats and Guides Equipped for IGFA Records
        • Outfitter/Agent Offers Itapara Lodge
        • Tribute to TJ Stallings, TTI-Blakemore
        • The Birth of a Fishing Business
        • Outfitter Offers Lake Huites Mexico Again
        • We Get Mail (Found New Lure Colors, Colombia World Record Payara On Fly?, Unique Multi-Methods Travel Rod)
        • Member Comment/Reprint Policies

1RioMarieLessons Learned on The Rio Marie – Detailed statistics kept on Untamed Angling's Rio Marie (primarily a fly-fishing operation) for the year 2016 have revealed some very interesting observations which can help angler productivity in the future, according to VP and Sales Director Rodrigo Salles. "Despite very inconsistent water levels, we had a very good season in terms of average numbers of trophy fish," he says. "The average number of giant 20+ pound Temensis (3-bar) caught and released per angler went from 0.49 in 2015 to 0.76 in 2016 and it included 15 fish that were 24 pounds or better . But we learned several important facts from our 2016 season." Rodrigo noted that they observed most big fish after the second week of November moved back out to the mouth of lakes/lagoons and to the river due to the inconsistent water levels. "Peacock Bass need stable levels (or dropping preferentially) to remain in the lagoons and spawn," he says. "We found that most of the fish after second week of November had a higher proportion of length x girth, meaning that the fish were not feeding well prior the spawning season. We also discovered that when fishing around the sand bars, the sight casting during the late season were really better than in the early season. We also noticed many feeding frenzies by monster peacock bass that were attacking and smashing the butterfly peacocks that were hooked up with our fly anglers. Some of the giants ate the entire small peacock bass that was hooked." For more information, contact Rodrigo at email: rodrigo@uangling.com or visit their website at www.untamedangling.com.

2AlexZapataLast Minute Deal to Colombian Amazon - Alex Zapata of Orinoco Angling is offering a last minute deal for a very special price of $2,999, but you have to act fast! "This trip to the Tomo River is March 25 through April 3 offers a total of 8 days of fishing," he says. "Most of it will be for large peacock bass and some will be for Payara in the Orinoco River out of Puerto Carreno, our destination airport. There is no visa needed for Colombia so the angler only has to book with us asap and get his international airfare set up. This trip is for all anglers, regardless of whether they fly fish or use conventional spinning or casting tackle." Interested anglers should phone Alex at 786-317-4733 for more information or contact him via e-mail at orinocoangling@yahoo.com.

Boats and Guides Equipped for IGFA Records - Acute Angling has embraced the newest IGFA world record category, All-Tackle Length, according to owner Paul Reiss. "In this category, they now award records for the longest fish and not the heaviest," he says. "More importantly, this is an absolutely 100% release category where fish must be returned to the water alive and unharmed. In this new category, fish need not be transported to shore for an official weight, but merely quickly measured." Accordingly, Paul equipped all of his Amazon fishing operations to enable 3IGFAMeasuringDevice-2Tanglers to report and confirm records in this new category. All fish that are entered for All-Tackle length records must be measured on an official IGFA Measuring Device. "These devices will be present on every one of our fishing boats," he explains, "and each of our guides are trained to make standardized measurements and to help anglers fill out the recording forms. As is the case with traditional IGFA All-Tackle records, fish must be considered trophy size to fill a vacant record." IGFA requires that photos be submitted with each world record application. "Five photographs, containing the following are required to be submitted with the application," Paul points out. "1. A photograph of the angler with the catch. 2. A photograph showing the full length of the fish. For length records, one photo must clearly show the full length of the fish and position of the mouth and tail on the measuring device, 3. Two more photos should show a close up of the position of the mouth and tail on the measuring device. 4. A photograph of the rod and reel used." Note: Since the IGFA length record category is relatively new, there are great opportunities for catching fish that would qualify. Anglers that qualify for an All-Tackle Length record will receive a record certificate and award letter signed by IGFA President, Rob Kramer. For more info on the official IGFA measuring device or on Acute Angling's Amazon trips, contact Paul or Garry, Acute Angling at 1-866-832-2987 or email preiss@AcuteAngling.com.

4ItaparaFshWLarOutfitter/Agent Offers Itapara Lodge - Trips to the Itapara Lodge which is located on the Rio Itapara about 250 miles northwest of Manaus are now being offered by outfitter/agent Fishing With Larry, according to owner Guy Schoenborn. The watershed is a tributary of the Rio Blanco which is a tributary of the Rio Negro. "The Itapara is well known for large peacocks plus good numbers of fish and both flies, and lures work well in the river's clear water," he says. "It's remote, a five-hour boat ride to the nearest village with a fast boat. There is also a lower lodge consisting of deluxe duplex cabanas about 40 miles downriver from the main lodge and guests will spend part of their trip at both lodges. This allows guests to fish about 75 miles of river without having to make runs over 45 minutes." Guy notes that the lodge is air-conditioned with double occupancy rooms with private bathrooms. There is Wi-Fi, satellite TV in the lounge, a small swimming pool, buffet-style dinners and an open bar. The package includes a roundtrip charter flight from Manaus to the lodge. "Peak fishing is from late December to the end of February," he adds, "and a 6-nights/4.5 days fishing currently costs $3400 while an 11 night/9.5 days fishing goes for $6300." For full details on the package, contact Guy at Fishing With Larry at phone 800-205-3474.

5TJStallingsTribute to TJ Stallings, TTI-Blakemore - I am saddened to report that one of my best friends in the outdoors industry and a long-time Supporting Member of the Peacock Bass Association passed on to heaven on January 31 after a battle with cancer and treatment complications. TJ Stallings who grew up in the tackle industry and worked in retail, wholesale distribution, marketing and public relations, lure design and manufacturing segments, never met a stranger and was loved by all that knew him. He was witty, creative, and eager to pass on what he called his "crazy ideas" which were usually new productive rigs to catch a variety of fish species. He would always put a smile on your face. A better friend you could not have. TJ was the man behind the Daiichi Bleeding Bait hooks (along with his brother Ron and TTI-Blakemore company owner Wes Campbell) and was instrumental in getting the great 7X strong series of Wide Gap trebles in peacock bass sizes 3/0 and 4/0 on the market for me and hundreds of other anglers that chase peacock bass. Those hooks along with their smaller "sister" 2/0 size have become standard replacement trebles for factory hooks on all peacock-focused lures by many of our avid members. Too, the Blakemore Road Runner jigs have also become a mainstay in the peacock bass tackle boxes of TTID98Q HiResmany peacock bass anglers. I shed a tear for my longtime friend who was only 59 years old and whose passions beyond his wife Kathy and family were always the Outdoors and fishermen of all ages everywhere. As brother Ron appropriately said, "TJ always wanted to give the gift of knowledge to others and teaching children to fish was one of his favorite ways of contributing to the future". For those wanting to follow that lead, a donation to the Future Fisherman Foundation in TJ Stallings' memory would be a nice gesture. As TJ himself often said, "God Bless". Our fishing industry and those in it will all miss him! – Larry Larsen

The Birth of a Fishing Business - Armando Giraldo began fly fishing and tying flies in Colombia in the early 1990s. "It wasn't easy at first because I didn't know anyone around who did that kind of fishing," he told me. "I learned how to fly fish on my own, and I didn't know how to strip line or even how to cast. I would destroy flies while casting and hook myself and anyone around me." Armando's fly fishing interest started after reading numerous articles on the subject in magazines and in books that where available in the Bogota libraries. "My dad bought a spinning outfit at the 6ArmandoOrinocoFliesage of 6, and I fished for still-water rainbows and several warm water species while growing up," he smiles. "I'm so thankful to him, but little did he know. As I read through the magazines, I thought that the fly rod and reel looked really awesome. When I finally bought my first fly fishing set up, it became an obsession." Armando's fly tying started at the age of 10, and he noted that his very first one was a "useless" dry fly that was tied on a 6/0 bait hook. "It is a good thing that I learned how to spin a hackle", the budding entrepreneur laughs. "Some years later I bought a very basic book and learned how to tie dry flies, nymphs, wet flies and classic streamers. My first fly tying business started while I was still in school. I sold trout flies to a few of the fishing shops in Bogota. I never put a dime in my pocket however since I would trade the flies for fishing gear." Years passed and Armando got better at fly casting and fly tying. He studied biology and had an incredible interest in ichthyology, arthropods and everything in between. He also studied every single fish that he thought he could catch on a fly, and then he would fish for them. "I had to do a lot of taxonomy and the learning curve was steep," he admitted, "and then I just tried to use that theory and apply it to the different waters I was fishing. Of course, I discovered a lot of things were more simple than I thought and several other things were more complicated. But observation is the key!" The fly tier who now owns Orinoco Flies, and who also is a peacock bass and payara fly fishing guide and Colombian outfitter notes that he is still learning and having a great time while doing so! For more information, contact Armando at armando@orinocoflies.com or visit his website at www.orinocoflies.com.

Outfitter Offers Lake Huites Mexico Again – The famous Mexican largemouth bass fishery is back again with a fury, according to owner/operator Ron Speed Jr. Ron Speed Jr's Adventures visited Lake Huites last April to check out 7HuitesMexicothe fishing and found great numbers, great overall size and even hooked into some giants. "The lake is as beautiful as I had remembered it but the lodge has been completely rebuilt to 5-star status and the food is as close to gourmet as it gets for a fishing lodge operation," he says. "The drive now from Los Mochis is smooth sailing as the infamous rough gravel road from the village of Choix is no longer rough…nor gravel. It is completely paved all the way to the lake and La Estancia – Huites Bass Lodge! Plus, there's a new flight that started from Tucson, AZ that stops in Hermosillo and then on to Los Mochis." The angler now can catch great numbers… and also have a really good chance of hooking into a big bass of 8 pounds or larger, according to Ron Jr. "My guide Pedro said there hasn't been any commercial fishing on the lake in years and there is no talk of resuming it either," he continues. "So, we didn't have any of those annoying nets to deal with while fishing." For more information about the Lake Huites bass fishing packages, contact Ron Speed Jrs Adventures at 1-800-722-0006 or email bill@ronspeedadventures.com.

9OrinocoLogoWelcome New Supporting Member!  I want to thank our newest Supporting Member, Armando Giraldo of Orinoco Flies. Please check out his Contact Listing in our PBA World Peacock Bass Directory and drop him a welcome email or note. The growth of our Supporting Member base continues! I hope all Individual Members appreciate new SM involvement in PBA.

We Get Mail

Here are some of the emails and news releases we have received with topics that might be of interest to all members. I always encourage PBA Members to email brief comments or news to us.

10Argentina super shad rapsFound New Lure Colors – "Hi Larry:  I found some great colorations of the Rapala Super Shad Rap while in Argentina recently (fishing for golden dorado). Going clockwise they are Hot Perch, Peacock Bass, Goldfish, Blue Shiner, and Fire Perch colorations These colorations (in the photo) are not available in the USA. Another "find" was the Rapala Super Magnum with a metal bill instead of plastic, again not available in the USA. I wish Rapala would make these available here as there would be lots of interest from Musky guys especially in the peacock bass coloration. Good Fishing," - Bob D.

11PayaraIGFAColombia World Record Payara On Fly? – A new world record application has recently been submitted for an impressive payara caught on fly in Colombia, according to an IGFA spokesperson. Colombian angler Jose David Bravo caught and released the impressive 20 pound payara (Hydrolycus spp.) while fly fishing Colombia's Guaviare Tributary on January 13th. Bravo coerced a bite from the toothy fish with an articulated deceiver pattern fly. If approved, the catch will become the men's 10 kg (20 lb) tippet class world record, which currently stands at 7.71 kg (17 pounds).

Unique Multi-Methods Travel Rod – Fenwick brought out a very interesting travel rod series last year that some peacock anglers may want to take along on their journeys south. The Methods multi-piece spinning (MET70-MHS) rod 12Methodsmodel features Dual Power blanks that connects with several sections to create different actions! A "Spigot Ferrule" design creates rod piece connections that are stronger than traditional multi section rods and give rods pure crisp action, according to the company spokesman. "The TAC handle provides increased grip in all fishing conditions including rain and it is more durable than cork." Depending on the connections you make, you can have a couple of different actions as options in this travel rod. One Amazon peacock bass angler noted that it performed "flawlessly" on his recent trip. More info is at www.FenwickFishing.com.

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