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Peacock  Bass  Association
 Executive Director: Larry Larsen

Larry's Peacock Bass Log

The following data represents an accurate accounting of Larry Larsen's personal best catches as he travels the world in search of peacock bass (PB). It is updated after each trip.

Catch Photos From My Most Recent Trips

Marie Larsen 25# LR 3073When & Where: December 2017, Brazil's Rio Marie, a tributary of the upper Rio Negro River while fishing with Untamed Angling at their Untamed Amazon mothership operation. The river water level southwest of San Gabriel was perfect and all lagoons were deep enough to harbor the many 20-pound plus peacock bass. While the tannin-stained waters are among the very best for monster peacock, the fishing is tough for numbers of peacock. I caught this 25 pound giant acu (3-bar) speckled peacock on the second day just after landing an 18 pounder earlier. The 25-pounder ties my personal best weight record (with two other giants) and set a new personal best maximum girth record (25 inches). This big fish was taken on a Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft swimbait and put up an amazing battle going behind a 20-foot wide bush before I worked it back out of the massive limbs. My Brazilian partner Ricardo caught a longer, thinner fish that also weighed 25 pounds the following day. The two peacocks were the largest of our group's 9 fish over 20 pounds taken that week on the Marie, "Rio de Gigantes" (River of Giants). With two "teeners" (peacock bass 13 to 19 pounds) during the week making my total lifetime count at the 600 mark and the 25 pounder which made my total tally of 20 pounders now at 33, I was a very happy angler!!!

  • No. of PB over 10 pounds = 1,905
  • No. of PB "Teeners" (13#s to 19#s) = 600
  • No. of PB over 20 pounds = 33 (in 14 different watersheds; Brazil - 31, Venezuela - 2)
  • Total No. of Trips after PB = 86 (incl. 60 to Brazil)
  • Trips to Waters with Grande (3-bar) PB = approx. 62
  • Countries Fished for PB = 6  - Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Panama, USA (Hawaii & Florida)
  • First PB Trip = October 1988 Lake Guri, Venezuela
  • Largest PB = Three 25-pounders: one on the lower Rio Unini, Brazil on Black/Orange Woodchopper in November, 2002, another on the Rio Caures, Brazil on a Giant Fire Tiger Woodchopper in October 2007 and my latest on the Rio Marie, Brazil on a Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft in December 2017!
  • Largest butterfly PB = 10.5 pounds (IGFA World Record for 7 years) caught in March 1994 on Rio Branco tributary, Brazil on Woodchopper
  • Largest PB "double" on one plug = 30 pounds (17.0#er and 13.0#er on parrot-colored Woodchopper in February 2003 on upper Rio Unini, Brazil
  • Largest "double" with partner = 44.5 pounds (Larry's 25#er and Ruede Wheeler 19.5#s) in November 2002 on Rio Unini, Brazil
  • Longest PB = 39 inches (a 22.5#er caught on a minnowbait in Rio Pasimoni, Venezuela lagoon in Feb. 2002)
  • Largest PB girth = 25 inches (a 25 #er caught on a soft swimbait in Rio Marie, Brazil lagoon in Dec. 2017)
  • Best day for no. of "Teeners" = 13 in November 2006, on upper Rio Unini, Brazil
  • Best week for "Teeners" = 25 in Feb. 2003 on Rio Unini, Brazil
  • Best week for PB over 15 pounds = 18 in March 2002 on Rio Cuini, Brazil
  • Highest number of PB in one day = 88 on Rio Omero, Brazil in February 2012.
  • Highest number of PB in one week = 415 on Rio Agua Boa, Brazil in the early 1990s.
  • No. of PB World Records (Line Class) = 7 set on Rio Pasimoni, Venezuela; Rio Curimoni, Venezuela; Rio Amazon, Peru and Rio Demeni, Brazil in the 1990's (4 remain active)
  • LarryLarsen20#Capt.PeacockToughest Adversary: A dolphin grabbed my "double" catch that I had hooked on December 2, 2011 on a topwater plug three times and moved off with them only to let go after seeing it could not remove them from my plug. I finally got the plug to the boat with both of the 2-pound peacock attached and their gory tails revealed the dolphin teeth scrapes. The dolphin got away.
  • Biggest Snake Ever Seen: The highlight of a February 2011 trip to the Bita River in Colombia was spending 15 minutes face-to-face with the 21-foot, 300 pound anaconda and surviving! Here, the huge monster snake is inspecting my topwater lure just beneath him. (I was relatively safe in a boat while snapping over 100 images!) 
  • Inducted Into Fishing Hall of Fame -  February 1999 Hayward, WI



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