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Weather - Peacock Bass Country
Real time weather reports for 10 top peacock bass destinations.

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Peacock Bass Articles - Larry Larsen withTeenerThe following informative magazine articles, some of which have already appeared in Larry Larsen's books and the PBA Newsletters/e-Zines, should help any angler plan his/her trip and be more successful fishing for giant peacock bass.  The members-only "World of Peacock Bass" newsletter will continually update you on techniques, operations, products/services and travel news. Don't miss it!  Join Now!

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  1. Partner Tips
  2. Fly Tips & Tactics
  3. Jig Tips & Tactics
  4. Lure Modifications/Adjustments
  5. Wild From The Field
  6. Other Exotic Species
  7. Jungle Dangers
  8. Color/Pattern Changes
  9. Water Temperature Patterning
  10. Sandbars and Saddles
  11. River Fishery Cycles
  12. Outfitter Research/Networking
  13. Live Bait Options
  14. Specie Genetics
  15. LarryLarsen20#Customer Booking Rights
  16. Weather and the Peacock Bass
  17. Drought and High Water in the Amazon
  18. World's Greatest Gamefish
  19. Native Range and Imports
  20. Identifying the Peacock Bass
  21. Distinctive Looks and Names
  22. Sexual Maturity and Pre-Spawn Behavior
  23. Spawning & Post-Spawn Behavior
  24. Growth - Fingerling to Adult
  25. Surviving the Competition & Water Effects
  26. The Amazon's Fishing Seasons
  27. Dry Season Conditions
  28. Timing Critical Water Conditions
  29. Larry 20 lb peacockGetting in on the Bite
  30. The Explosive Battle
  31. The Travel Bookies
  32. Trip Planning Factors
  33. Exploratories & "Flight Insurance"
  34. Outfitter Selection Process
  35. Outfitter Tackle Recommendations
  36. Peacock Bass Addiction
  37. Twelve-Step Recovery Program
  38. IGFA Peacock Bass World Records
  39. Florida Hot Spots - Info and Maps
    Cutler Drain C-100            Snapper Creek C-2
    Black Creek C-1               Tamiami Canal C-4
    Florida Guides
  40. Brazilian Consulates in the U.S.
  41. Larsen's Adventure Travel Magazine
    Many articles on Peacock Bass and other outdoor activities appear in our quarterly magazine at



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