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World Peacock Bass Directory prepared by the Peacock Bass Association (PBA)
www.peacockbassassociation.com; phone (863)644-3381

Want a comprehensive listing of peacock bass Destinations/Operations that cater to peacock bass and other traveling anglers? To view each operation's page in our directory, click on the peacock bass operation listed below. Those few not listed below may not be in business any longer. This "who's who" listing includes destinations/fixed & mobile operations , booking agents and outfitters that offer peacock bass anglers the best trips. As with any marketing materials, potential customers should verify all information within as true representations from the source prior to bookings.

Amazon/Latin America Peacock

Location (Waters Fished)

Acute Angling Blackwater Explorer (B)*

Madeira/Negro Basins

Acute Angling Floating Bungalows  (L)

Rio Negro Tributaries

River Plate Fly-In Cabin Barges (L)*

Rio Negro Basin

Capt Peacock Expeditions - Negro (B)*

Rio Negro

River Plate Fly-In Floating Cabins (L)*

Rio Negro

Acute Angling Variety Species Safari (C)*

Amazon Highlands

Amazon Otter Rio Negro (B) *

Rio Negro & tributaries

Anglers Inn Amazon I (B)

Rio Negro & tributaries

Demeni House Boat (B)*

Rio Negro & tributaries

Amazon River Adventures Yachts (B)*

Rio Negro & tributaries

Amazon Headwaters Fly-In - Araca (L)

Rios Araca & Negro

The Fly Shop - Rio Marie (B)

Rio Marie & tributaries

Marie - Rio de Gigantes (B)                   

Marie-Indigenous Territory

PB Adventures Floating Safari Camp (L)

Rio Negro Tributaries

Von Sneidern's Las Lugunas Lodge (L)

Las Lagunas Colombia

Florida Guides

Location (Waters Fished)

Hawghunter Guide Service

South Florida Canals/Lakes

Other Exotic Destinations/Fish

Location (Waters Fished)

Ron Speed Jr. Picachos Mexico (L)

Lake Picachos, Mexico

Ron Speed Jr Comedero, Mexico (L)

Lake Comedero, Mexico

*denotes places fished by Larry Larsen

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Customized Tackle & Lure  Combos

Artistic Wildlife Gallery

Taxidermy Service

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