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Real time weather reports for 10 top peacock bass destinations.



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Fishing the Amazon Guide, available in iOS/Apple and Android/GooglePlay, offers 238 topics illustrated with 859 images. Larry has spent more than 500 days in the Amazon, which has resulted in the most comprehensive resource of information ever for anglers focusing on peacock bass. This App covers more than 35 significant waters and highlights optimal tackle, equipment, habitat, tactics and tips for a successful trip. It also helps anglers with trip planning, including booking criteria, extensive info on fishing tour operations and facilities, details on weather factors, Amazon Basin environments and its indigenous people and their culture. The Fishing the Amazon Guide App is available online at AppleiTunes and Android/GooglePlay stores for just $9.99.    


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Jungle Dangers

Like jungles anywhere, incidents with wild animals can happen. The most dangerous encounter during daylight hours is with freshwater stingrays...READ IT!



The Peacock Bass Association provides extensive information for planning and preparing for your trip. You will find weather reports and forecasts, articles on the most popular South American places and information on Florida hot spots. Our Directory includes all the major players in the industry - site operations, booking agents, outfitters and industry manufacturers and companies that offer peacock bass anglers the best trips, tackle and services. This is the most up-to-date source that all peacock bass anglers utilize to research the available trips to the world's peacock bass fisheries. Check out the full Contact List to quickly review your options for booking any of your fishing travel needs.

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